Get to know my work.

Get to know my work.

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! I want to start by thanking you so much for the great response to my first post – Get to know me. If you missed it please click here.

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Today I am going to give you a better and more personal understanding of my style of photography and what to look forward to and expect when you hire me as your wedding photographer.


Myself with the lovely Sofia & Pedro.


When I am photographing people, my goal is to capture the real and raw emotions of my subjects. Be that at a wedding, a family photoshoot or any other sort of event. I absolutely love a photo that takes the viewer back to the place where it was taken. Reminding them of the vibrant colours, glowing rays of sun, brilliant views and those warm fuzzy feelings. I suppose I would describe my photographs as being luminous, organic, vibrant and real.

Wedding photographer in the Algarve



I think of myself as a good mix between the photojournalist and the traditional portrait photographer. What I mean by this is that although I do believe you need some lovely set up shots, family and couples portraits, I also thrive when thrown into the unplanned and natural happenings of a wedding day or photoshoot.


Another factor I believe plays a big part in getting some great shots, is peoples’ readiness to relax, have fun and really get involved in the photographers creativity. If you are a future client of mine – Take Note!! 🙂


What to expect from me as your wedding photographer

I truly understand that all the wedding planning, decision making, budget handling, guest organising and general wedding day madness can be SO overwhelming. I’ve been there, done it and got the ivory (now mucky) wedding dress to prove it! In this post I hope to calm your nerves when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer – especially if Portugal is NOT your home country – and give you a full understanding on what you can expect when booking me.

So it normally starts out where you find my Facebook page, Instagram, Website or Blog Page…and you decide to e-mail me asking for more information on my Wedding Photography Packages. At this stage, I know nothing about you, your wedding or whether you prefer a simple cold beer or an extravagant fresh fruit summer daiquiri. SO, this is where I ask you some simple but necessary questions – Where your Wedding will be held, roughly how many guests you will have and a bit of an insight on what you have in mind as your big wedding day.

Although I do have a standard Wedding Photography Package that I will send you, I believe not every couple is looking for the same thing. By the time we have had a chat via e-mail/skype we will both be feeling like we know exactly where we stand and exactly what it is I have to offer.


My Standard Wedding Photography Package

When you e-mail me asking about my standard wedding photography package, I will send you a list of what this package includes. As I know many of you don’t really know what each bullet point might consist of, I am going to break it down for you with a required explanation and some all important images.

Lets get started:

  • Arrival one hour and a half before the ceremony

 Your wedding day is not just about the moment you arrive at your venue, walk down the aisle and marry the love of your life. All the preparations, fun, laugh, nervousness, nausea, tears, make-up, hair and long looks in the mirror to make sure everything looks perfect, are also a massive part of your wedding day. Whether you are getting ready with just a couple of your closest human beings or getting ready with what seems like your entire home town shoved into one room – they are all memories worth capturing and should DEFINITELY be part of your photographic wedding story.


As I mentioned earlier, this is the standard package. If you want me there earlier or even later than one hour and a half before your ceremony that it absolutely fine! We will have a chat and discuss what suits you.


  •  Bridal Preparations

The Bridal Preparations are basically what I have explained above. Focus is obviously on the bride (and groom) all day long, so anything to do with her getting ready for her big day is going to be captured. This standard package includes bridal preparations, the groom’s preparations can also be included. Again this is a matter of discussing what is best for you.

Portugal Wedding Photographer
  • Ceremony Decor

Once the bride and groom have finished their preparations and are almost ready to tie the knot, I shoot off to the ceremony venue before the guests arrive to snap the special details that have been thought so long and hard over. All the little touches are very personal and unique to each couple and need to be photographed before the excitement begins.

  • Groom and guests waiting at the ceremony

It is almost time! The atmosphere is buzzing with nerves and excitement, what’s her dress going to look like? Will the groom cry? What music are they going to play? Etc. Etc. Etc.

I will capture all of these emotions from both your groom and guests. These are moments that the bride will miss out on and will really enjoy looking through when the day is over. These are the most important people in both of your lives and you don’t want to miss out on their reactions on your special day.


  • Arrival of the Bride

The moment has arrived, the bride has pulled up in her wedding day transport – whether it’s a Taxi or a Vintage Horse and Carriage, it is ALWAYS a special moment. The walk from the car to the ceremony is probably one of the most exciting and nerve racking parts of the whole day, and of course, all of this needs to be remembered.


avo-303 copy
  • Ceremony

Once the bride appears and takes her moment walking down the aisle, it is smiles and tears ALL round. There is no escaping the true emotion of what is happening and it is one of my favourite moments to capture. Once the ceremony begins I snap away, making myself almost unknown to most, and capture the pure joy throughout readings, vows and the great first kiss!


  •  Natural Photos and Formal Photos

Congratulations!! At this point you are the new married couple and cannot believe you have finally said “I Do”. I catch you walking back up the aisle together whilst confetti, petals or as Portuguese Tradition would be known, grains of rice are being thrown over you. This is your time to chill and enjoy every moment. I will be taking natural photographs of the couple, guests, decor and wedding day shenanigans. Once you have had a chance to greet your guests and have a drink, I will approach you to ask about formal photos.



 Every couple is so different when it comes to their formal photographs, some only want a few with close family and friends. Whereas others want a photo with every friend, family member and individual family there. This decision is completely up to you! Formal photographs can become long winded and boring for both the couple and the guests. I do my best to have them done swiftly and competently to keep everyone happy.


  • Photoshoot with the bride and groom on the beach or location of choice

This photoshoot is down to the couples preference. I highly recommend it, as it will give you beautiful pictures of the two of you on your big day, especially with the beautiful beaches, cliffs and fields Portugal have got to offer. If you really don’t want to leave your wedding party for this, we can always have a chat and book in to do a “trash the dress” shoot another day. If you do go for this option, you will feel less stressed about getting back to your party and guests – but do remember that you will want hair and makeup done again on the day of your trash the dress shoot to match the day of your wedding. Some couples don’t mind coming away for photos, others do. It is 100% up to you!


Destination Wedding Photographer
Portugal Photographer
Trash the dress shoot
  •  Pretend cutting of the cake (if wanted)

The pretend cutting of the cake basically consists of the couple pretending to cut into their wedding cake, whilst the guests are still enjoying drinks elsewhere. Normally the cake is cut at night time, if you want day time pics of the cake then this is a good option. If not, we can get the shots during the real thing!!


  •  Entrance at wedding breakfast

I will get to the dining room before you and your guests, again to snap the beautiful details put into the decor. Once your guests have entered and been seated, they will (most of the time) be upstanding for the bride and groom!



  • Guests at tables

Before the food starts to arrive, I will go around the tables getting shots of the guests. Once you start eating I will take a break and grab something to eat too!

  • Speeches

Couples choose to have the speeches either before dinner, after main course or after dinner. Either way, I will be there to capture all the laughs, embarrassment and love going around the room!

  •  First Dance

The moment has arrived to shine on the dance floor!


  • Party

At this point, everyone is having a fantastic time and telling you how it is the best wedding they have EVER been to!!!! It is so much fun to capture all the great dancing and partying for you to remember for years to come!



  • Cutting of the cake

As I mentioned before, the cutting of the cake is normally done at this point. But, whenever you choose to cut the cake, I will be there to snap it.




You will receive all photographs taken on the day, edited and in digital format in a beautiful online gallery that you can share with your guests. Easy to download and in high resolution.

I really hope this has helped you really understand what you will receive by hiring me as your wedding photographer. I aim to make the process as simple as possible for you and most of the time you will forget I am even there! My aim is for you to really enjoy your wedding day as a couple and with your guests. Not intruding is one of my main priorities but I will always just be the click of a finger away!


If you have decided you would like to have a chat about what you are looking for please contact me by e-mailing or alternatively fill out one of my contact forms here.


Louisa x


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  1. Hi Louisa,
    Enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading them in future.
    Well done.
    Love Lynda

    1. Thankyou Lynda!!

  2. Amazing blog – it makes me want to get married again to the love of my life so I can have you as our photographer xx

    1. Thankyou Jan! You could always renew your vows! xx

  3. Stunning photos! Such a great insight into how to get the best photos and memories on your wedding day.

    1. Thankyou so much!! xx

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