Your Family Photoshoot

Your Family Photoshoot

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Last week I told you all about what to expect from me as your photographer on your wedding day. I also broke your big day down into sections for you to really understand exactly what I mean when I reply to your e-mail request for wedding photography packages! If you missed it, please click here!

 This week I am back to give you the great news that I have an AMAZING Winter Promotion running until the end of March 2018. Your own Family Photoshoot for only €70.00!

Please read ahead to understand how your shoot would work and to find out how easy it is to have those beautiful professional photographs scattered around your home.


If you have always loved going to peoples’ homes or scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and seeing how beautiful their professional family photographs are, but have never taken the plunge yourself, this could be the perfect opportunity for you! In this blog post I will help you feel like you really know what you are getting yourself into and that there is really no need to keep putting it off (especially if you are camera shy!).


Couples Photoshoot
Pre Mama Photoshoot

 Whether it be a shoot for you and your partner or for the entire family, we as human beings are ALWAYS changing, so grab the moment and make the most of now and have this phase in your lives captured professionally for you to remember for years to come.

Holiday Photoshoot
Algarve Portugal
Children Photoshoot
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 If you are one of those people that would LOVE to have all the beautiful family photos but HATE having your picture taken, then that is all about to change! You may feel so self conscious that you just never go ahead and book your shoot. Well I can tell you now, there is NOTHING to be afraid of, I have seen it all. You may be a mum fearful that your children won’t behave, a teenager who’s spots have decided to flare up the day before the shoot, a couple that are worried that their love won’t be visible on camera. You name it, I’ve dealt with it and I can only say that honestly, all these things are what makes photography REAL. The more giggling and laughter going on, the better the photograph. The more passionate a couple, the better the photograph. In years to come when you look back at these photos, you are not going to be thinking about how nervous you were feeling.

Family Photoshoot Portugal
Baby Photoshoot

 On the flip side, you may not be at all camera shy and raring to have your photoshoot done, but have always put it off because it was not a priority. In that case I hope my great Winter Promotion Photoshoot for only €70 will help you decide that now is the time!!

Algarve Photoshoot

As I live in the stunning Algarve I know of the best beaches/locations for having your fun and exciting photoshoot! The best time for shooting is just before sunset, which us photographers call the “Golden Hour”. The lighting gives you the most delicate and elegant results. In high season this can sometimes coincide with dinner time or your little ones bed time, but if I am completely honest, it is definitely worth shifting your routine just for that day! Depending on being in high or low season, I choose my beaches wisely. You do NOT want someone walking around in the background in their swimming trunks or having a leisurely dip! I will take you to the places I know best and can guarantee you will receive superb quality photos.


Children Photoshoot
Algarve Photoshoot
Beach Photoshoot in the Algarve
Fun Photoshoot

Once you are in front of my camera for the first time, we will surely have had a nice chat on the way to the perfect spot to start shooting and you will soon realise that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable in front of me. Throughout the shoot I will take you to different spots of the beach/locations and help you pose (or act natural, as I prefer). I will not judge you at any point, I am merely there to capture the essence of your family and that is what is important to me. I also love to meet and get to know my clients from all around the world, as we chat and giggle our way through the photoshoot, you will be sad when it is over!!

Algarve Family Photo Shoot

My shoots normally take anything between one to two hours. Depending on each families’ situation and how quickly I get the “money shots”. When we part I will tell you roughly how long  you can expect to wait to receive your photos!! Whether you live in Portugal, the Uk, the United States, India or Australia, it does not matter! I will send you your photos on an easy to use Online Gallery Link, where you can quickly download all the photos taken on the day. You will receive all of the photographs I took of you (no limits), edited and in high resolution.

Natural family photoshoot

When i say edited, this can mean anything from turning a picture to Black & White to getting rid of a rubbish bin in the background!! Anything that needs removing/enhancing, I will sort! Having your photos in high resolution is also extremely important because when you go to your local photography shop to get them printed, it means you can print them as big or as small as you wish without loosing the quality of the image!

I do get asked for suggestions on what to wear to a photoshoot quite a lot! I will be doing a blog post next week about this, so keep your eyes and ears peeled if you need any help in that department!

I hope I have helped you understand exactly what to expect from your Family Photoshoot with me and don’t forget – WINTER PROMOTION FOR ONLY 70EUROS. If you would like to book please e-mail me at or alternatively use my contact form here.

You can also have a better look through my family photography in my portfolio!

Thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to subscribe!!

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