Algarve Family Photo Shoot
What to wear for your Family Photo Shoot.

What to wear for your Family Photo Shoot.

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and welcome to this weeks blog post – What to wear for your Family Photo Shoot.

As promised in my last post – YOUR FAMILY PHOTO SHOOT. – here is your simple guide to what to wear and what NOT to wear for your ever so special professional family shoot!

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I would say that about 50% of my clients e-mail me asking for suggestions and advice on what to wear once they have booked me in for their shoot. The answer to this question can really depend on many different factors, making it hard to answer properly in just one e-mail. Therefore I have decided to gather all fashion, accessory and style information in this great blog post!


Choosing what you and your family wear for your pictures can become slightly daunting if you have absolutely no idea what is going to look good as an end result. Start by reading these tips and clear your confusion for what to wear.

  • Plan Ahead

Don’t leave it until the morning of your photo shoot to choose what everyone is going to wear. If you really want to nail your whole families look in these precious photographs you will need to plan in advance. Even having a few options to choose from might be a good idea, especially if you are dealing with little ones! Make sure to have an outfit change for the children, just in case that chocolate ice cream they persuaded you they could eat without getting dirty does actually end up on their lovely white cotton shirt. The more prepared you are, the less stressed you are going to feel.

  • Colour Coordinating.

Whether you are a family of 3 or a family of 10, I would say this rule should stand for all. When choosing everyones outfits, make sure that the colours coordinate. This doesn’t mean they have to match or all be exactly the same colour, but lets just say pink with green stripes and purple with yellow dots WILL NOT WORK. Be sure that everyone is within the same sort of colour palette, be it lighter colours or darker colours. Choosing your colour palette is going to depend on these next steps…

  • Your Style at Home

This is the next very important detail you need to take into consideration when dressing your family. Think about what colours you want in your photos when you see them hanging on the walls in your homes. If you have very neutral colours around the house, you might want to stick to that theme and add a pop of colour using accessories. If you want to add a bit of vibrance to your home surroundings, then maybe think about using outfits with brighter colours that stand out. This really is down to personal preference, so have a good think about what you feel will work best in your space.

  • Distracting Patterns, Cartoon Characters and Big Logos.

Your youngest son may love a certain Disney Character and insist on wearing his favourite Mickey Mouse T-Shirt, but this is the time to say no and choose to put him in something more simple. Try to avoid distracting patterns, cartoon characters or big logos. Keep your choice of clothes simple, keeping the fancy drawings and that awkward NIKE symbol out of your beautiful photographs.

  • Textures

After selecting a few focal colours, you can add some texture to your overall look. This can be done by adding a summer hat, wintery scarf, gloves, belts. Pick and choose your accessories wisely and they can be a massive help in tying everyones outfits together.

  • Consider your Location

Think about where you have chosen to have your photoshoot. Whether you’ve chosen the beach, surrounded by neutral, light colours or chosen the woods, surrounded by earthy colours and dark greens, take it all into consideration when choosing your clothing. Make sure to compliment your background rather than clash with it!

  • Timeless

Your family photos will be out for everyone to see all year round and for many years to come. When choosing what to wear, make sure you will be happy looking at these photos forever. If it’s around christmas time, as tempting as it might be to stick your christmas hat on and some fairy lights, you’re not going to want to have them out in the heat of the summer. Be sure to make sure you have chosen classic, simple and elegant outfits that will make your photographs seem timeless.

Couples Photoshoot
Valentines day in the Algarve

If reading these tips has helped you understand what it is you need to do, but you still feel you lack actual outfit ideas or a bit of creativity, DO NOT STRESS. Have a look at this wonderful folder on my Pinterest, packed with different colour themes for all year round.

If you have any tips you have come across that really helped you and your family on your shoot day, please leave your thoughts in the comments 🙂 To be kept updated with my recent blog posts, don’t forget to subscribe!


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