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Valentines Day Special Offer


Welcome back to my blog and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! <3

Today I have some wonderful news for the happy couples spending Valentines Day Together or Apart…A SUPER SPECIAL COUPLE PHOTOSHOOT FOR ONLY 50€. This offer is for couples longing to take some professional photos together but never seem to have the money left over at the end of the month to go for it! My Blog Post today is all about how to treat your other half on Valentines day on a budget, so I think this offer suits perfectly!!

Book and Shoot by the end of February 2018.

If you are not in a relationship or not even looking for a couples photoshoot and would prefer a family photoshoot instead, please find my brilliant FAMILY PHOTOSHOOT OFFER in my previous blog post – Your Family Photoshoot.

If the unique experience of a Photoshoot can be kept for later in the month and you are looking for a last minute, budget wary Valentines Day lightbulb moment to treat your partner today, here are some more ideas for money conscious couples looking to show their love on Valentines Day.


  • Home-made card

Nothing says I love like spending an hour making your loved one a romantic valentines day card from scratch. If you’re anything like me you will have scraps of paper, card and bits and bobs in a box somewhere ready to be used. This is your perfect chance to use those scraps up and make something beautiful. If you don’t have arty crafty stuff lying around, then pop down to your local Chinese shop. They have plenty of card and scrapbooking items and cheap! Pour your heart out onto the inside of the card, and I am sure you may even get a little tear from your other half <3

Get some Inspiration from my Pinterest Folder here.

Photo from AVSO.ORG
  • Make a Cake

This one may seem obvious, but to many people making a cake just isn’t that simple. Everyone loves a naughty bit of cake, a cheeky home made cookie or a chocolatey muffin. If your partner has a sweet tooth then you know they will love this little treat after dinner tonight. I never used to be a fan of baking and would always steer towards the savoury recipes. But now-a-days you can find SO many easy and delicious cake recipes that there are no excuses. Have a look at BBC Good Food, All Recipes or if you speak Portuguese or are any good at using Google Translate you CANNOT miss Sabor Intenso. It is my go to for any Portuguese dishes or desserts (keep an eye out for Neuza Costa’s recipes – the best). And if all else fails, you can always pop out to the shop and buy delicious cakes for under 10€ in anywhere like Aldi, Pingo Doce, Continente, Lidl. The “Brigadeiro de Chocolate” from Pingo Doce is to die for!! Throw in a bottle of bubbly to make dessert extra special.


  • Film Night

Having a Movie Night can be SO special. Make it a proper thing, so get in the hot dogs, sweets, popcorn, something nice to drink. Wherever you are going to watch the film, make sure it is a cosy little nook – light some candles, have big blankets around, comfy cushions. Choose a film that you will both like and settle down for the evening. If you are out of ideas for films to watch, have a look HERE.


  • Go for a Walk Together

Here in Portugal there is no excuse to not go for a walk! The scenery is stunning and wherever you go you will feel refreshed and happy. Take a long walk at sunet along the Carvoeiro Boardwalk, go down to Alvor and walk along the boardwalk on the beach – you can even stop for a coffee in one of the cosy cafés. Wherever you end up, I am sure you will enjoy walking, relaxing, talking and just focusing on each other.

  • Make a 3 course meal at home

To begin with this may sound like an expensive option, but if you really put some thought into your menu and check out the offers on in the supermarkets you can definitely do this on a budget. Have a look at the special prices in Pingo Doce here and get your creative chef hat on! Preparing a meal as a surprise can be great, but preparing it together can also be SO MUCH FUN. Have a glass of wine in the process and you’ll be in with a night to remember. Relax and enjoy each others company.

These are some of my favourites – If you have any other great ideas for what to do on Valentines Day, please comment below!! If you want to book in for your Valentines Photo Shoot for 50€, please e-mail me at or fill out one of my contact forms here.

I look forward to hearing from you, Louisa x



  1. Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day too Louisa! Love these fun ideas to help celebrate. Great photo shoot opportunity too.

    1. LouisaF says:

      Thankyou 🙂 xx

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