Make-Up & Photo Shoot Package.

Make-Up & Photo Shoot Package.

Hello everyone! Welcome back!

As promised in my post last week – A Wedding at Portimão Church | Quinta dos I’s, I am going to introduce you to Andreia Barradas’ work as a Make-up Artist. I am very excited to share her work with you – she absolutely made my wedding day and I felt so beautiful all day long.

I found her on the brilliant website – You can find all the local suppliers on this website and I would recommend having a look through if you are still struggling to find certain suppliers.

Andreia arrived at my house early in the morning and managed to do mine, my mum’s, my mother-in-law’s and 3 bridesmaids make-up in time for my wedding and leaving us all looking our absolute best! Our make-up lasted ALL day, through the laughter, the tears and the dancing.

Me on my wedding day


Me and my bridesmaids – Make-up by Andreia


Me and my mum – Make-up by Andreia

I am so pleased I found Andreia, so I want to share her with you all ♥

~Andreia has sent me lots of useful information on what you need to know about your wedding day make-up~

Begin with a Trial:

A professional make-up service for weddings and more specifically for brides is something that involves time and some preparation. Normally a trial is booked to practice and test your bridal make-up. There is no limit on the amount of time this could take (taking from 1 hour to anything up to 4 hours!!)

Andreia will spend as long as she needs to with you on your trial day – Talking, exchanging ideas, calming any doubts and worries you may have. The session will end when you feel happy with your make-up and feel BEAUTIFULLY enhanced by Andreia’s work.

As a professional, Andreia will always give you her advice on what enhances your features best, although the final decision on what you prefer will always be yours.

On the day of the trial, she will also have a look at your skin type and give you any advice on habits to adopt up until your wedding day. Your skin needs to be as beautiful, radiant and  well hydrated as it can be so that the makeup can adhere better and consequently have greater durability.

Photos of some of Andreia’s Brides


For Brides that aren’t around for a trial because they live elsewhere or don’t find the time – Andreia asks for a little extra time with you on your wedding day before she starts the make-up.

Choice of Make-up:

The product Andreia chooses to use on your skin is extremely important. She will need to make sure it lasts all day, through all of your emotions and that it will look great both in real life and on camera! She chooses to use high end professional products – working with different brands and products she knows well and has used many times before. Most of her make-up is water proof and is especially appropriate for being photographed and filmed.

Another photo of Andreia’s work.

The importance of professional Make-up for for your photos:

Your professional make-up will make all the difference to your professional photographs. In Andreia’s opinion, the more natural, the better. The brilliant techniques that Andreia uses to highlight certain features of the brides face and hide any imperfections will leave you in awe.

Andreia at work

How long does it take?

Normally it never takes less than an hour to finish your bridal make-up on your wedding day. It usually takes an hour and a half.
For the guests or bridesmaids it takes between 45 minutes and one hour, depending on the type of make-up requested and whether false eyelashes are needed or not.


“I am currently 32 years old, born and raised in the beautiful Algarve, in the historic town of Silves. From an early age in my life I began to show an interest in make-up. I always loved to use make-up on myself and then also started to do my friends and families make-up. It was at that time that I felt the need to become a professional and I took a make-up course in 2013, to gain more knowledge and have more confidence when it came to doing other peoples make-up.

Andreia Barradas

My make-up journey started slowly, but I kept it alive with a lot of persistence and perseverance. I am a perfectionist by nature and therefore I am very critical about my work. I am always looking out for ways to improve. Bridal make-up is in fact the area of ​​make-up that I like the most and with which I identify the most. It’s not just the fact that the bride is having special make-up for a special day, it’s everything that is involved. It is the privilege of being part of one of the most important days of a woman’s life. It Is being able to share experiences, meet the families, receive and give affection and develop new friendships.

Brides almost always point out that my personality helps them relax a little on the day – they say I am very calm, patient and tender. Your wedding preparation should be as calm as possible, so you can enjoy every moment, of course it can often end up becoming a little stressful. With the family, time lines and nerves! So it’s great to know that I can give them some of the calm they need. Once I have finished my work, it is so good to get a hug and a thank you from the brides and families for all my effort and dedication. The recognition I have had over time has been so positive, which makes me so happy! Make-up means SO much to me, and through the ups and downs of my career I really appreciate every single one of my special clients.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the brides who have trusted me and my work and any future clients I may come to have the pleasure of working with! Lots of love, Andreia” x



I am so happy to be able to share Andreia’s work with you! Please contact her or myself to book yourself in for a trial.

For any couples out there looking for a couple photoshoot or trash the dress shoot – I am so pleased to let you in on mine and Andreia’s great Make-up + Photoshoot Package.

Couple’s Make-up + Photoshoot Package – €140

This includes:

  • Professional Make-up done at your home/hotel.
  • 1 to 2 hour Professional PhotoShoot at location of your or my choice (beach, forests, fields etc.)
  • Receive all photographs taken, edited and in high resolution on a beautiful online gallery for easy viewing and download.
  • All printing rights.
Professional Photographer in the Algarve
Trash the Dress Shoot – Louisa Ferreira Photography – with Lucie & Quentin


Please contact me via e-mail to book or fill out one of my contact forms.

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I look forward to hearing from you, Louisa x


~Not all photos on this page were taken by me~


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  1. Beautiful! An amazing opportunity to have professional photos and memories that last forever.

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