Paulina’s Hen Party

Paulina’s Hen Party

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

The sun is out and the weather is warming up ♥ A couple of Saturdays ago I made my way to Vilamoura to meet Lauren, Paulina’s maid of honor and fun packed hen do weekend planner. She came up with the great idea of surprising the bride with a Hen Party Photo Shoot on their girly holiday – and guess who they found to capture their special weekend – ME. I am SO happy they fell upon my website and decided to book as we had such a great time and got some brilliant shots!

Saturday morning I woke up, hoping for the sun to be out for another sunny and bright photoshoot. Much to my disappointment, the weather was still rubbish – cloudy and pretty chilly, but no sign of rain! I just hoped it would hold out until the evening.

If you have read about my work on my blog you will know by now that my favourite time to shoot is in the evening, just before, during and after sunset. After breakfast I checked the weather on my phone and guess what – rain was forecast at 6.30pm, the exact time I was to meet the girls for the shoot.

This always leaves me a little nervous, but I always believe that what will be….will be….

I left Portimão at about 5.45 to get to the girls hotel for 6.30 and meet them in reception. We had planned on meeting at Praia da Falesia, but decided to stick near to the hotel just in case it was really pouring it down. As soon as I got in my car, it started spitting. GREAT! By the time I got to Vila Gale in Vilamoura, it was chucking it down and really windy! All of the holiday makers were standing in the reception, looking out to the car park with some sort of hope that the weather would miraculously stop acting as if they were back home. Portugal is meant to be warm and sunny!

After a minute I decided to come up with a plan B and ask reception if there was any where nice in the hotel that they could recommend for photographing a group of girls. They sent me off to the spa…which seemed lovely! Although the lighting wasn’t perfect, we could probably make do. I made my way back up to reception and when I got there the girls were coming out of the lift – hair and make-up perfect, wearing their matching bridal party swimsuits!

After a quick chat and getting to know who was who, they followed me to the spa.


Uhhh – Ahhh, this is lovely!


I mean…it probably would have been great, BUT – my camera was NOT having all the hot spa air and my lenses steamed over and that was that….


We made our way back upstairs and found a little sheltered bit in the hotels garden, three of the girls decided to brave the rain…and then the shoot happened!

The rain decided to stop, and we even got some sunshine! We made it down to the beach, got some wonderful photos and they even managed to get in the sea for some ♥ BRAVE!

The girls will now have these beautiful photos to treasure forever, and they were worth every rainy, sunny, cold and windy second!!

For your own Hen Party Photo Shoot, please e-mail me at or send me a message via my contact form

I look forward to hearing from you, Louisa x

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  1. What amazing photos Louisa . You have such a talent for capturing the happiness and fun the girls are sharing at the hen party . Well done . Hope you get loads more bookings

    1. Thankyou!! Very busy now 🙂 x

  2. WOW!! Such beautiful photos. What a great post. They would never have been disappointed bcos your work is always outstanding but they must have been so happy to be able to get to the beach. It all looks amazing. Well done girls on your fabulous costumes and looking so gorgeous and to you Louisa for making their Hen Do so memorable!!

    1. Thank you so much!! Was so much fun 😀

    1. Thanks so much! x

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