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Your Wedding is such an exciting, nerve racking, joyous event and you will want to make sure you can keep the memories of everything that happens on the day as beautifully and easily as possible. 

BRIDES – You will begin by getting ready, whether it be with all the girls or just you and a couple of loved ones, photos of your morning are always a precious memory. The excitement, giggles, having hair and make-up done, glass of bubbly in hand! Preparation for your wedding is an event on it’s own! 

GROOMS – You will start your preparation also, just not as early as the girls! Photos with your best man, gifts being shared, ties being tied and a little whisky on ice to calm the nerves. Your last morning as a single man will also be an eventful one. 

As the groom and guests wait at the venue for the beautiful bride to arrive, there is a lot of chatter between loved ones that haven’t seen each other for a while..glances at the groom…checking out the chosen decor…commenting on each others outfits. It’s all happening and I will be around to document it all for you!

The bride arrives, with or without her bridesmaids, walking down the aisle and there’s a tear in the groom’s eye. It’s the moment you have all been waiting for and such a special one at that. You become one as you marry each other and say your vows – there’s a kiss and a loud applause. You’re Married! Time to celebrate.

With a welcome cocktail waiting for you – you walk back down the aisle together under a shower of confetti and clink glasses to cheers your new start as the new Mr & Mrs. 

Eager family and friends wait on for the formal photographs to begin, glass in hand they will mingle, eat and drink whilst being called up for their photo with the bride and groom.

The smell of your wedding breakfast begins to fill the air, the food you have carefully chosen to please yourselves and your guests on your special wedding day. You will sit, relax, eat and drink and enjoy your first meal as husband and wife.

The sun begins to set and this is your time to leave your guests for an intimate photoshoot together. Photos of you and your partner in your wedding day attire that will never be worn again. 

Whether you have chosen to do your speeches before or after your meal, the drinks will be flowing and your speeches will begin…bringing tears, laughter and funny memories to the table.

With full bellies and merry heads, your chosen music will begin to play and every one will gather round to watch as the special couple dances their first dance! The lights, music, candles and audience make this such a special moment. Then all of a sudden the music changes and everyone is on the dance floor! Letting their hair down, enjoying themselves and really feeling the wonderful music played by your band or Dj. 

Then what’s left? The Cutting of the cake!! Some choose a special song, others choose fire works and others just a nice photo and the slice of the knife through their beautifully decorated wedding cake. More dancing, silliness, giggles, cuddles, kisses and love – partying the night away together and with your special guests that have made your day come to life.

I wish you the best wedding day in 2020 and I will capture it ALL for you to remember forever.

Louisa x


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